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Welcome to Porta & Associates, attorneys for all your legal, tax and economic issues related to Spain! Porta & Associates has its offices in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona if you wish to visit us personally.

Our work focuses on advising businesses based in Mallorca or Barcelona and individuals who have their residence on Mallorca or the Spanish mainland or are in some other way connected to Spain and need legal advice or representation in Spain. Porta & Associates can assist you in for example the sale or purchase of real estate, in inheritance matters, with all sorts of civil law agreements such as rental agreements or employment agreements. Porta & Associates advises for example on Company and Real Estate law and much more.

If you are an entrepreneur, Porta & Associates can support you, for example, to set up a new business in Mallorca or Catalonia. Once Porta & Associates incorporated the company for you, Porta & Associates can provide all legal, tax and accounting advice and services that are required by Spanish law and can continue to assist you with legal commercial issues.

Porta & Associates also can provide and assist you with licensing or franchise agreements or any other Intellectual Property issue such as the registration of your Trademarks at the Spanish Trademark Registry or arrange a European or international registration for you. Yacht- and boat owners can rely on competent advice on Spanish Maritime and Contract law.

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