For individuals, Porta & Associates offers the following services in Mallorca and Barcelona:

31132379_sAdvice when buying or selling a property or real estate in Mallorca or Catalonia

    • Extracts from the land registry when buying a house
    • Inheritance matters (establishment or change of wills, acceptance of an inheritance)
    • Donations
    • Tenancy agreements for tenants and landlords
    • Income tax returns for residents and non-residents
    • Divorces

    You want to buy a house, an apartment or any other property in Mallorca or Catalonia or elsewhere in Spain? Or you own a property in Mallorca or Barcelona and want to sell it? Porta & Associates helps you with the entire management of your real estate business and represent your interests in the creation of Option agreements and notarial purchase deeds.

    You need an extract of the Land registry of your property or any property you have legitimate interest in? Porta & Associates is happy to get the corresponding extract for you.

    You own assets in Spain and want to settle your inheritance issues? Porta & Associates is happy to assist you with drafting your Will and the coordination of the notary appointment.

    You have received an inheritance related to assets located in Spain? Whether you are a resident or non-resident, Porta & Associates can help you with the acceptance of the inheritance and the handling of all related administrative procedures.

    You want to perform a donation of a considerable amount and need advice? Porta & Associates is happy to help you to meet all Spanish regulations according to the donation and advise you on how you can save taxes.

    You want to lease or rent a (or your) house or an apartment? The Spanish tenancy law differs significantly from UK or other European rental law. In order to recognize all the pitfalls and to represent your interests, Porta & Associates gladly checks or prepares your tenancy agreement.

    As a resident you have the obligation to submit tax returns on a regular basis. Porta & Associates is happy to help you!

    As a non-resident you can also be obliged to submit a tax declaration. This is particularly the case if you have real estate property in Spain or commercially generated income in Mallorca or Barcelona. Porta & Associates will gladly advise you on your individual case and tell you what tax liabilities you have in Spain and help you with the submission of corresponding income tax returns.

    You want to get a divorce? Whether the marriage took place in the UK or Spain or anywhere else, Porta & Associates will help you to accomplish your divorce as fast and easy as possible.

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