Self employed persons (Autónomo)

For our clients who are working in Majorca or Barcelona as self-employed persons (Autónomo Mallorca / Barcelona) or wish to act as such, Porta & Associates offers the following services:

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    • Registration at the tax office and the social security
    • • Accounting in accordance with Spanish tax regulations (quarterly VAT tax returns (IVA), income tax returns (IRPF), etc.)
    • Claiming unpaid bills (extrajudicial and judicial enforcement proceedings)
    • Expansion of self-employment by incorporation of a company

    Also as a self-employed person (so-called Autónomo Mallorca / Barcelona) it is necessary to observe certain legal and tax regulations in Spain, especially one must comply with tax obligations. Porta & Associates can assist you to comply with these obligations, so that your business in Majorca or Barcelona meets all legal and tax requirements.

    You want to be self-employed in Majorca or Barcelona and do not know what steps you need to take? Porta & Associates will help you with the registration at the tax office and the social security and advise you on all relevant regulations.

    You are already self-employed in Mallorca or Barcelona and looking for someone to help you with your tax returns? Porta & Associates is happy to advise you in detail and help you to meet your tax obligations.

    You are self-employed in Mallorca or Barcelona and your customers do not pay? Porta & Associates can help you to claim open accounts both in and out of court.

    You want to tackle the next step in your self-employment and set up a company in Mallorca or Barcelona? It is a pleasure to advise and assist you through all the necessary steps to ensure that you will find the best form of corporation for your needs and that the incorporation of the company goes smoothly.

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