22395305_sThe lawyers of our law firm are registered Attorneys at the German, Dutch and Spanish bar associations and have more than 10 years experienced in advising on legal matters concerning the Spanish, German, Dutch, Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions . Our lawyers can also advise on several other European and (Latin-) American jurisdictions.

The lawyers of Porta & Associates have been working before in German, Dutch, Spanish and Mexican law firms as well as in international companies.

Their professional development allowed them to work, in addition to the above-mentioned countries, in other states such as Belgium and Australia.

Additionally they are distinguished by their international legal education, global professional contacts and multilingualism. Our Lawyers speak Spanish, English, German, Dutch and French at Porta & Associates and can prepare your legal documents in these languages if required.

Saskia Porta

Dominic Porta

Linda Rens

Miguel Forteza-Rey Colom

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